A video game by Glowing Slab

Space Death is a strategy game of interstellar exploration. The player commands the crew and subsystems inside a fully functional and editable 3D starship, exploring a dangerous galaxy whilst reshaping their ship's design and crew compliment.

Encounters with other ships and stations in Space Death range from friendly exchanges and opportunities to hire new crew through to more challenging moral dilemmas. These situations can result in ship to ship combat, and as all the spaceships are assemblies of two metre square parts, missiles and laser beams will smash through hulls leaving trails of secondary effects such as fuel leaks, explosive decompression and power loss.
Track down the greatest unique crew in the galaxy and recruit them to your ship or train up your own noob crew member’s skills. Build awesome ships with a wide array of components. Install wildly dangerous experimental weapons and systems onboard and hope they don’t cause a singularity. Watch as your crew die in a variety of unusual and unsettling ways. Experience the terrifying enormity of space as your ship plunges through the void, following the laws of orbital mechanics. Plan flight paths featuring gravitational assists, aerobraking and high g burns, but make sure everyone onboard has got back to their seat before the engines kick in.

Space Death is due for release on Windows and Mac OS X, when it's ready.